A Levels 

  • Film Studies - B
  • Photography - B
  • Creative Writing - C
  • Pyschology - C
  • Sociology - C
  • History - C


  • Currently studying Film Studies at De Montfort University Leicester - Graduating in 2021
  • 2 Months Study in Chico, CA, USA

Dead Frog Productions

Two years ago I cofounded a small film production company. Through the company, I have released numerous films, collaborated on many others and gained valuable experience working in a team.

Film Festival Organisation

Through my university, I have also been involved with numerous film festivals around Leicester. These include the 'Are We There Yet?' Film Festival, a festival created by and ran by students. As well as being involved in the creation of the festival, I was also involved in the creation of the trailer for the festival. It can be found here.

Film Festival  Participation

I have also been involved in the Leicester Asian Film Festival. The festival is a large event around Leicester and elsehwere in the UK and focuses on showcasing Asian cinema from Asian creators. 

Short Films

I have also been involved in numerous short films, in varying roles. For a full list you can view my Filmmaking Portfolio Page or click any of the links below to see aspects of my work on social media!