Who am I?



My name is Aran Webster and I am a 26 year old, Film Studies graduate from De Montfort University in Leicester. Filmmaking is my biggest passion and working in the film industry is my ultimate goal. 

My aim is to become a director and writer. To be able to bring new stories to the big screen would be the ultimate accomplishment.

I have been pursuing film for many years both solo, and as a cofounder of Dead Frog Productions. Due to this, I have gained a strong skillset that allows me to tackle any aspect of filmmaking with confidence. From the first page of a screenplay, to colour grading and graphic overlays, my technical skill can be applied to any aspect of the filmmaking process.

'Are We There Yet?' Film Festival

As part of a film festival module, myself and a small group had to organise a double bill screening that fit with the chosen theme.  Myself and two others were also chosen to edit the trailer for the festival which can be found here.

Chico State University,  California.

I was lucky enough to spend two months studying about film in the country that helped create Western Cinema as we know it.

Behind The Scenes of  'Locked'.

'Locked' was a collaborative piece for a university project. A psychological horror, the end product left the whole team feeling proud. The film can be found here.