"Aran is creative, outgoing and proffessional. During my time on the set of Locked, he not only made me feel comfortable, he took my suggestions on board. 

As a director and filmographer, you could see he had a keen eye for detail. It was truly a pleasure to work with Aran and I look forward to any possible future work we may do together."

Alison Exley - Actress in Locked (2019)

"A great writer/director whose passion for film fuels his wild imagination."

Tom Button - Movie Mess 101

"Aran is hardworking and amiable. He will ensure you are comfortable and shows passion for each project he is involved in."

Chloe Smith - Actress in Biscuit... Of Death! (2020)

"Aran is ambitious, strong-willed and endlessly creative! He applies all of these priceless qualities to every short film he works on."

Adam Harcourt - Cofounder of Dead Frog Productions

"During my time on Memmortigo, I found Aran to be a supportive and helpful director. He guided me in a positive way, without compromising his vision for the project. 

I greatly enjoyed being involved in shooting a video lead by him and I would be delighted to participate in his future projects."

Julianna Sosnowska - actress, Memmortigo

"Aran is an absolute pleasure to work with, he has a variety of creative talents which he excels at, from directing to cinematography and even editing, Aran can fit into any role within a production and achieve his best. 

He's not afraind to contribute ideas or even come up with 'wacky' and 'out-there' stories and make them into a reality, this just he's capable of thinking outside the box when it comes to filmmaking and that he's driven and parrionate about his ideas. I hope to work with him again on many more occasions in the future as he is a valuable asset to any team."

Aidan Pacheco / Aipach Films - Actor, Writer, Director, Editor on many projects

Always down for any whacky ideas and producing such creative and brilliant results! Loved seeing what you came up with!

Maddy Flaherty  - Creator of the Cliffhanger Project